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Crafting Modular Excellence

A journey through our revolutionary design to the installation process.

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Modern Modular Kitchens

We craft modern-day modular kitchens for you with science & sensibility

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Perfection is The Key

Watch out for this space where inspiration meets perfection!

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Delight that touches your soul

We bring you the delight of modern makeovers with our quality modular kitchens

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About Us

About Elegant Interior

Elegant Interior is one of Kolkata's premium and best interior design companies. We have been in this industry for more than 30 years and have worked with several clients with dedication and passion. At Elegant Interior, we always dream of bringing together functionality and aesthetics to offer homeowners personalized and efficient home designs. We have professionals with expertise in home interior designs and home décor, along with years of expertise in the industry. Be it standard living rooms or clutter-free interior designs, we cover it all and do it in style.

Today, we have also emerged as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-end modular kitchens. We make use of premium quality materials and high-end machines utilizing German technology and deliver results in less than 1.5 months. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to fulfilling the clients' requirements by maintaining high-quality standards.


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Process We Follow

Elegant Interior believes in creating a perfect combination of inspiration with sheer engineering and thus follows a comprehensive process backed by the power of invincible machines.

High-end Modular Kitchens by Elegant Interior

The kitchen is one of the most commonly used spaces in the house and is the ultimate powerhouse. Many consider it as the ‘heart’ of the home as well. It is crucial to plan and design the kitchen considering its aesthetics. And when it comes to designing modern-day kitchens, no one does it better than Elegant Interior.

  • We offer a wide range of designs for modular kitchens and personalize the perfect countertop.
  • We offer guaranteed durability with a super quality finish for the end products.
  • We deliver smart and ergonomic designs
  • We consider the significance of Indian cooking needs and design kitchens accordingly.
  • All our designs come with a warranty of 30 years which is very rare in the industry.
  • We have a dedicated team of professionals offering efficient after-sales service to all our clients.
  • We have cutting-edge modern machines delivering precise and top-quality furniture.
  • We are using Marine Grade Ply, Engineer Ply, Water Proof Grade Ply
  • For finishing work we use Laminate Finish,Veneer Finish,Acrylic Finish,Pu Finish,Polly Finish

Get in touch with us to make your kitchen breathtaking with our spectacular modular kitchen designs.

Steps of Work



The first process starts with pasting the laminate on the plywood using a hot press machine. We cover ply pasting for lamination, veneer, acrylic, Polly and many others. We also ensure that there is no wave and air between.



Then comes the cutting part, where we cut all the ply in exact with proper measurement and in exact size. This is done by cutting the machine and ensuring that all the edges are perfectly fine.


Edge Banding

Then we have an edge banding machine through which we band the edges of the ply to make it smooth. This is done to remove all the sharpness from the edges.



Then comes the drilling part, where we utilize a rotating cutting tool to create a round hole in the plywood. We use a CNC drilling machine vertically and mainly used for aesthetic purposes based on the design components' requirements.

Best Features

Why Choose Us


Custom Made Design

We deliver custom-made designs with boutique concept for all modular kitchens,Interior Designing and ensure that everything looks perfect and in sync with the existing design of the house.


Better Finishing

When it comes to better finishing, no one can do it better than Elegant Interior. We have professional experts doing this for years with precision.


30 Years Warranty

All our modular kitchen & Custom Interior designing comes with a warranty of 30 years. So, once you install it, you don't have to worry about the quality.


Short Time Delivery

We at Elegant Interior offer our services with short-time delivery. The delivery time doesn’t exceed more than 1 month without comporting on the quality.


User Friendly

We do it in style and with ease. Our ultimate aim is to create user-friendly designs for all our clients so that they can use them easily. User experience is our top-most priority.


Customer Satisfaction

We deliver sheer customer satisfaction and ensure to have a long-lasting association with all our valuable clients. We know how to value relationships.


European & American Concept

We have installed modern and cutting-edge machines in our warehouse to deliver furniture based on European and American concepts. No need to import from outside the country.


First Time in Kolkata

The kind of quality and service we deliver is second to none in Kolkata, and we are proud to maintain the name so far in the industry.

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